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With the thread of global climate change as well as environmental degradation looming, it is no surprise that there are many different products devoted to conserving energy and saving the earth. One particular interest of consumers is in sustainable, renewable sources of energy, especially for the home. And one such product is the much touted Earth 4 Energy, which can purportedly provide energy based on various sources. This home-based kit can supposedly cut down on energy costs. But does it work, and can it really save energy?


Earth 4 Energy is a tutorial that helps the user cut down on energy costs by building renewable energy turbines or machines from scratch. This includes solar panels for the home, which, with the help of videos and text, can be built to a professional level and mounted on a roof.

What’s Included

Earth 4 Energy has a 60-day money back guarantee. It contains a step-by-step training guide as well as supporting videos, email support, and even bonus material on how to build your own wind turbine. A limited time offer also includes a video series by Earth 4 Energy; a solar sizing calculator; more tips on making windmills; an Earth 4 Energy CD; and email coaching for a year. The Earth 4 Energy Package costs $49.97 and is purchased through ClickBank.


Michael Harvey is the co-founder of the Earth 4 Energy system, but he is also the most visible. He claims that he prides himself on Do-it-Yourself projects and is also a renewable energy enthusiast. The blog entries as well as the introductory letters on the official Earth 4 Energy site are written by Harvey as well.


The official domain is managed by Domains by Proxy. The official website opens with a video; the official website can also be reached through the Power4Home page, which often leads both visitors and users to speculate that Earth 4 Energy and Power4Home are the same, which is completely not true.


There have been many differently-toned reviews for Earth 4 Energy. Some compare it to Power4Home, another tutorial-based product that also teaches people how to build solar panels from scratch. Power4Home has had several Better Business Bureau complaints, but Earth 4 Energy does not, which makes some reviewers view it more positively. However, some reviewers say that Earth 4 Energy is no different from Power4Home, since both products utilize information that is readily available online if one knows where to look. For instance, some reviewers talk about Youtube, where there are many videos that can easily and freely be viewed on how to build solar panels and wind turbines for the home.

Social Media

There are several social media pages devoted to Earth 4 Energy. There are also Facebook pages on reviews of Earth 4 Energy, as well as individual tweets on Twitter that claim to sell Earth 4 Energy. There are also individual pages online devoted to uncovering that Earth 4 Energy is a scam; and conversely, devoted to showing how  satisfied users were with Earth 4 Energy.

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