Solar Dancing Flower


Solar flowers are brightly colored plastic office accessories and car decorations
that come in a range of sizes and designs. The flower is powered by energy from the sun, so it does not require batteries or water and it is easily portable.

There are three major brands of solar powered flowers: BeeHappy, manufactured by the American firm Two’s Company Inc.; Dancing Flowers by Warm Fuzzy Toys; and Flip Flap, made by the Japanese company Minya International.

A solar panel at the top of the flowerpot powers these floral desk accessories.

The light energy received from the solar panel is converted to electrical energy by a small motor inside the base of the flowerpot.  The motor consists of a coil of wire wrapped around a magnet (solenoid).

The electrical energy produced by the motor causes the leaves and stem of the flower to move rhythmically. This effect is said to calm people who watch the flower move. Solar flowers work best in direct sunlight and low light conditions may mean that the flower is inactive. To increase the flower’s movement place it on a windowsill, under a bright desk lamp, or on a car dashboard.

If the solar flower is going to be kept on a car dashboard it must be securely attached to prevent movement during driving. To do this, the base of the flowerpot should be attached to the dashboard by using the double-sided foam tape provided in the original packaging.  It is important to mount the flower upright on a horizontal
surface, otherwise it will not be able to function.


All three brands of solar flowers sell their plants in brightly colored pots.  Customers can choose from a range of flowerpot colors when buying their solar flower, with one design of flower available with a ladybug-shaped flowerpot.

The standard model of Flip Flap solar flowers do not come with a flower attached, they are simply two moving leaves. Other brands have flowers attached as standard.  However Flip Flap solar plant designs also come with flowers in a range of colored flowerpots.  It is possible to buy miniature multi packs of solar flowers with different
colored flowerpots.

Solar Sunflowers Design

Sunflower solar flowers are sold by two brands: Dancing Flowers and Flip Flap.  They work in the same way as other flower designs, with a solar panel above and a colored plastic flowerpot. Dancing Flowers offer an individual sunflower plant with orange, pink or yellow flowerpot, as well as a 3-flower multi pack with orange, red and purple flowerpots.  

Flip Flap’s solar sunflower comes with a union-jack design flowerpot and sunglasses painted on a smiling flower, as well as the more simple colored yellow sunflowers with smiling faces and colored flowerpots.

Bee Design

Flip Flap and Dancing Flowers offer bumblebee design solar flowers, where the bee replaces a flower at the top of the central stem.  Other designs such as butterflies, frogs and ladybugs are also available.  

Purchasing Solar Flowers

The full range of solar flowers from all major brands are available through This includes the basic dancing flower design, dancing flower multi packs, and alternative designs such as bumblebees, frogs and butterflies.

Solar flowers are not available at and

Unpacking and Getting Started

Solar flowers are available from a range of outlets, and come in many colors and designs. Whatever design you have bought, regardless of it’s brand, remove the solar flower carefully from its packaging. Flip Flap solar flowers need to be unpacked using a Philips (+) screwdriver.

Move the flower to a brightly lit area. If there is an on/off button at the base of the flowerpot, select the on position and your flower should begin to move. If the solar flower is initially unresponsive to light, it may be that the solar panel needs to be charged. Place the flower in direct sunlight, or under a bright lamp for a couple of hours and the flower should begin to move and sway. The brighter the light levels, the more the plant should move.


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