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Product: Nikola Tesla Secret

Website: nikolateslasecret.com

Started: November 2011

Author: Ben Miller

Nikola Tesla Secret™ is a New Jersey-based website that sells information about how to build a mechanism to generate electricity from the earth’s atmosphere. The website claims that this machine will be powerful enough to provide enough electricity to supply a domestic house; freeing the owner from expensive energy bills.

Nikola Tesla, a famous nineteenth century engineer, discovered the scientific theory behind the design of this electrical generator. Tesla was an innovative inventor who patented many key ideas in electrical technology. His inventions paved the way for many modern electrical devices such as: radio, radar, x-rays, fluorescent light,  hydroelectric power, remote control technology and alternating current.

The Nikola Tesla Secret™ pack builds on Tesla’s original ideas to enable their customers how to plan and build their own electrical generator, using easily available components.

What’s Included?

The Nikola Tesla Secret™ pack includes plans and blueprints to build and operate a 7-kilowatt electricity generator. The plans use component parts that cost less than US$100. The pack also includes information on how to maximize the output of the Nikola Tesla Secret™ generator, as well as tips on how to reduce energy  consumption; detailed information about which tools to use; how to generate energy from magnets; how to harvest electricity from telephone lines; and how to make your own solar panels and wind turbines. Information is also provided about gas saving devices and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Product Details

The price of the Nikola Tesla Secret™ package is US$47.00. The domain name Nikolateslasecret.com has been registered at Namecheap.com since November 1, 2011. Registration will expire on November 1, 2013. Its IP location is Newark, New Jersey, USA. The author of the Nikolateslasecret.com is Ben Miller, an Electrical Engineer, Energy Specialist and creator of the Nikola Tesla Secret™.


Nikola Tesla understood that radiant electrical energy is generated in the earth’s atmosphere by the difference in voltage between the negative charge of the earth and the positive charge of particles from the sun. The  ionosphere prevents the positive particles from entering earth’s atmosphere, and so electrical charge is generated
in the space between ionosphere and the ground. Tesla invented a way to harness this energy stored in the earth’s atmosphere by using an antenna that picked up radio waves.


On the Nikola Tesla Secret™ website there is a video demonstrating the basic principles of the electrical generator system based on Tesla’s designs. The video shows the required electronic components and a circuit plan for a simple electrical generator. Two ceramic capacitors, two electrolytic capacitors and four germanium diodes are connected to an antenna that picks up electricity from the radio waves. After a minute or two, when the voltage has reached a certain level, the system can be used to charge a cell phone. The Nikola Tesla Secret™ pack works on the same principals to enable the purchaser to build a 7-kilowatt electrical generator.


The basic circuit plan shown on the site’s video explains how to make a simple electrical generator using inexpensive electrical components. Plans for creating a larger, 7-kilowatt generator are only available by purchasing the Nikola Tesla Secret™ pack.


Reviews of the Nikola Tesla Secret™ pack have been very positive. However, it has been suggested by critics such as Ken Mills that claims about the Nikola Tesla Secret™ have been greatly exaggerated:

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